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When rushing through our day, we often don’t stop to think where the icons around us come from.

What’s an icon?

With the shift from desktop to mobile devices, icons are being used more and more to quickly represent complicated concepts in a small amount of space.

Icons are fundamentally a visual symbol representing something else.

Icons physically look like the item or action they are trying to represent.

Power Icon

The basic user flow of someone browsing content.

Like many Redditors, I often find myself having spent two or three hours just reading posts on reddit without even realizing it.

After analyzing a typical logged in user and the site’s user flow, I have a better understanding of why.

Basic user flow for a Reddit user. Notice how cyclical the flow is.

Why Open Reddit in the First Place?

At times, I’m looking for a specific topic.

Most of the time, I open the site simply because I’m bored and want to be entertained.

Switching to Marketplace after years of Craigslist loyalty.

I don’t like how Marketplace’s main goal seems to be pushing ads in my face. However, I’ve sucked it up because Marketplace is where all the good stuff is being listed now.

Let’s dive into what’s great about the Marketplace website and what’s not by using LEMErS.

Photo by Amy Reed on Unsplash

Nope, not lemurs.

LEMErS is short for Learnability, Efficiency, Memorability, Errors, and Satisfaction, the five guidelines user experience designers apply to assess the usability of a digital interface.

The highlights.

A horizontal pile of books wearing headphones
A horizontal pile of books wearing headphones
Photo by Stas Knop from Pexels

I’ve deactivated my Audible subscription countless times, only to reinstall the app and begin the cycle over again.

It isn’t the prettiest or even the most user-friendly app. But it is by far the most useful.

And as product designer Joshua Porter says, “ Usefulness is job #1.”¹

The Audible app does exactly what you need it to do.

It has a user experience to support main tasks users need to accomplish.

Purchasing Experience.

I’m writing my first Medium post while riding the subway to work.

It’s rushed.

It’s unedited.

It’s ugly.

But I finally did it. I wrote out my first Medium post, something I’ve been wanting to do since May.

It’s better to try and suck than never try at all.

Failure is always step forward. How else will I learn?

It’s taking everything in me to not edit this. My eyes are already drifting to the sentences above and I have to stop myself from mentally editing the words.

My first Medium post was going to be perfect. …

K. Brink

Storyteller and UX Designer

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