I’m writing my first Medium post while riding the subway to work.

It’s rushed.

It’s unedited.

It’s ugly.

But I finally did it. I wrote out my first Medium post, something I’ve been wanting to do since May.

It’s better to try and suck than never try at all.

Failure is always step forward. How else will I learn?

It’s taking everything in me to not edit this. My eyes are already drifting to the sentences above and I have to stop myself from mentally editing the words.

My first Medium post was going to be perfect. I was going to:

  • Watch a YouTube video introducing me to Medium and it’s various functions
  • Analyze the articles of other successful Medium writers
  • Come up with a brilliant article idea
  • Write the article
  • Edit the article
  • Find engaging pictures to include in the article

Instead here is a random pic of me stand up paddle boarding:

Which I’m posting here not because it was one of the only pics I had on hand but because it serves to support this analogy that I clearly just made up. In order to get anywhere you have to face the currents of life.

Yes. That was an awfully cringy analogy.

But guess what? I just wrote and posted my first Medium post.

Storyteller and UX Designer